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"My colors are a vibrant expression, an act of rebellion, a joyful celebration."

Shima Star is a first-generation British-born artist living in Washington State. She graduated with a distinction after completing her arts education at 'The London Institutes of Arts'. Shima is an award-winning artist who has had her works exhibited in London, Seattle and New York. Her works have been collected by public and private institutions internationally. 

She is an art educator and an advocate for the arts. Shima has overcome many obstacles in order to pursue a career in the arts. Her experiences were deeply impacted by the cultural differences growing up within the multiculturalism of London in the 90s. Having returned back to her practice in 2017, Shima's works primarily focuses on the vibrant colors, the abstraction of the female form and the celebration of diversity.  She often responds to the many experiences from her diasporic heritage which traces its lineage from Africa to Gujrat India. 

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