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"My colors are a vibrant expression, an act of rebellion, a joyful celebration."

Shima Star is a first-generation British-born artist living in Washington State. Growing up in the landscape of 1970s South London, Shima experienced a formative period during the height of a multicultural revolution that extended into the 1990s. As one of the first generations of Indians in London, she grappled with the challenge of personal cultural identification amidst the diverse mix of culture, religion, and traditions. Against familial expectations, Shima boldly pursued her passion for art and became the first in her family to attend art college, earning a distinction from the University of Arts in London. 

Drawing from autobiographical research from her Indian, African, British and now American heritage, she distills her experience as a multigenerational immigrant into chromatic, abstracted figurations. Shima’s work is bold, direct and unafraid of challenging political discourse. Each layer of color symbolizes cultural connections, striving to inspire a world that embraces its diversity. In her newest body of work, she engages in a dialogue about the complexity of our DNA. She explores how color, culture, and connection are intrinsically entwined within our pursuit of individuality.

Shima has earned accolades such as the 4 Culture Gap Award, solo exhibitions in London and at TK Studios and the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair, a public art collaboration with the Bellevue Arts Program, and features in publications such as Rutgers University of Arts magazine. Additionally, her artworks were recently chosen to be displayed at Fathom Gallery. Her work has been exhibited in Seattle, Chicago, New York, and London. Shima is also a passionate advocate for arts education, having taught in London, Redmond and Kirkland Arts Centre. 

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