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"My colors are a vibrant expression, an act of rebellion, a joyful celebration, and a cry of frustration."

Award-winning artist, Shima Star is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist of  Indian heritage, born in South London, England. Due to her multifaceted identity as a first-generation Indian in the UK, Shima struggled to find a place within her own religious culture, which often posed restrictions that affected her experiences as a woman in society. The artist identifies by the surname ‘Star’ that serves as a rejection of patriarchal names as she models the importance of self-empowerment.

Influenced by her personal growth, regardless of the cultural restrictions, the artist constructs vibrant artworks that evoke a sense of empowerment and equality as a woman. Through the use of a variety of mediums such as oil, watercolour, ink, 2D collage relief and printmaking, Shima’s free-flowing yet luminous colour palette highlights an essence of strength and freedom, as she steers away from specific cultural representations and amplifies the concept of universality through equity, diversity and inclusivity within her work. Shima's oeuvre extends a response to the political and social injustices against women, especially those of color. A lack of representation of the fully nude female figure is evident across European and International Art History hence; Shima's artworks reconstruct  such a norm and embody a primary focus on the fully nude female figure. The unity and balance of color through which the figures are created, seeks to highlight the importance of inclusivity that embraces individual identity. 

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